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Our core mission revolves around enhancing market efficiency by harnessing existing resources, specifically tailored to the industry and construction sectors.

Founder Maarten Alofs

Igniting curiosity

Our inherent curiosity, particularly when it comes to technology, sets us apart. We meticulously dissect every technological facet, forging a profound understanding of its applications and how it can serve you optimally. The result? Reliable and turnkey solutions that transcend your job, your service, and your industry.

Honesty and pragmatism at the core

Our approach is rooted in transparency and pragmatism. We believe in delivering honest solutions that genuinely meet your requirements. Collaboration with us is characterised by straightforward communication and a commitment to your success.

Your Partner in short term Solutions

Solids Suction Machinery Solutions specialises in turnkey short-term sales and rentals of pre owned dry suction vacuum/pressure machines, catering to industrial cleaning and construction applications.

Not only do we offer solutions, but we also purchase equipment to expand our offerings. With an extensive network spanning across the EU, UK, and the Middle East, we are a vital link that opens up a world of opportunities for you.

Meet the Visionary

Founded in 2023 by Maarten Alofs, our company benefits from his over a decade of experience in operations, development, sales, and rentals within the dry vacuum equipment market.

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